Fuel Guide

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berkshire heating oil flame logoKerosene is also known as 28 second (28 Sec) or heating oil. Being a lighter and cleaner fuel, this the most common type heating oil used in the homes of the UK today.  Kerosene is more efficient than Gas Oil and is unlikely to ‘wax up’ preventing of it from flowing through the pipes.

Kerosene Additive

berkshire heating oil flame logoKerosene Additive can be included in your delivery if you have an Aga cooker. This Premium Kerosene will enable your appliance to burn its fuel more cleanly and extend the service intervals. You should check with the manufacturer of the appliance regarding additives in Kerosene ( 28 second heating oil )

Gas Oil

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Gas Oil is also known as 35 second oil or red diesel.  This is a heavier oil generally used in older boilers, or for agricultural and commercial purposes.